Maya Zlatanova

Maya Zlatanova

CEO at FindMeCure

Healthtech entrepreneur, clinical research expert, and pharma industry speaker. 15 years of global experience in clinical research regulations, patient recruitment, and engagement, clinical trial feasibility, and operations. I get inspired by stories, not just facts, and I believe the clinical research industry has many stories every day that are calling for a change in the way we think and operate. Seasoned speaker at Clinical Trial Innovations, Scope Summit, Logipharma events, Patient Engagement Forum, GIANT Health etc.

My strongest skill is empathy. My principles in life are to be trustworthy, care for other people and give first. I also cherish my never-ending curiosity about how life and the universe work, how to improve ourselves and our environment. I love to travel, sing, dance, and everything to do with art and sports.


Changing a highly regulated industry - clinical research (13:15 - 13:30)