Aneta Savova

Aneta Savova

Women’s Leadership Advisor

Aneta Savova an executive advisor for corporate women to scale their careers at C-level by building a powerful leadership presence. Her key areas of consulting are:

- Developing leadership stand, influence and impact within the company/organization;

- Positioning a strong and respected voice inside corporate rooms;

- Building an authority-driven and impactful visual style.

She has created the first executive women’s leadership program in Bulgaria - The Women’s Leadership Brand and is host of the only existing business podcast for women leaders Women Speak. Aneta’s book The woman I have created: Personal path to women’s leadership has been ranked in bestseller’s list for business biographies in 2019. Aneta is a highly trusted speaker on respected stages and is a 2018 award winner - DAMA GODINE, Belgrade, Serbia.


Women preparing for the C-suite like real CEOs

What took you to mid level management, will not help you advance into a leadership position. Here is why: your manager promoted you for the qualities you already have - discipline, expertise, loyalty, reliability and professionalism. If you are eyeing the corner office, you need a different set of capabilities. Are you ready for a higher level game? 


Workshop: Готови ли сте да надградите лидерските си умения (16:00 - 16:30)