Stanislava Pavlova

Stanislava Pavlova

Owner of SENS Corporation Ltd

Stanislava Pavlova is owner of SENS Corporation Ltd. She has graduated from First English High School in Sofia and has a Master’s degree in International Economic Relations from UNWE. She started her career 17 years ago in a Bulgarian pharmaceutical company.

Throughout the years she has worked on various markets in Europe, Asia and Africa, travelled a lot and got an ample experience in the sphere of trading with cosmetics, foods and medical devices.

Stanislava has worked with the biggest names in the cosmetic industry, visited a number of cosmetic shows throughout the world. As she has travelled, she always took back with her specific local products, especially cosmetics and gathered information about various ingredients. Ethiopia became her second home and she obtained a lot of knowledge for some local ingredients and recipes.

She has tried cosmetic brands from all over the world and her dream has always been to make a world-famous Bulgarian cosmetic luxury brand. Few people know that some of the world’s renowned cosmetic brands are made in Bulgaria and that here we produce cosmetic products of high class and quality.

In 2019 Stanislava ended a year-long partnership and in 2020 established her own anti-age cosmetic brand together with a team of talented Bulgarian chemists.

One of the things that made Stanislava become a member of Business Lady Club is that the club’s aim is to give a positive example to students that it is yes, possible to make business in Bulgaria as well and she can show this with her personal example to them and her own kids, so that young people can stay in Bulgaria, develop successful careers, become entrepreneurs and we all together contribute to living in a better place, a better country.


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