Katharina Moser

Katharina Moser

Founder & MD - MOSAIK & Co-Founder Creative Cooperation

Katharina Moser is a sociopolitical entrepreneur based in Vienna, AT. After working for the Austrian Foreign Ministry, the British Council London and the European Forum Alpbach, she founded MOSAIK in 2015. The agency designs events, products and formats that foster a sense of community. (for e.g. the Austrian Federal Chancellery, Erste Foundation, EUSALP or the city of Kassel).

The project „Routes - The European Journey in the Middle of Vienna“ got awarded with the Austrian State Award on Europe. As a „designer of meaningful encounter“ she creates gatherings that trigger a sense of togetherness and cohesion and by that, the willingness for cooperation.

Having organised around 200 events, Katharina also works as a moderator, keynote speaker and gives workshop. In 2020 she co-founded „Creative Cooperation“ consulting clients on how to create engaging online events.

She is in the board of Bürgerforum Europa; Austrian Society for European Politics, founding member of Alliance4Europe and member of the BMWResponsible Leaders Network.


Ever more human in the digital world or "How to make your online event
more lively"

Since almost all our gatherings - from meetings to workshops to bigger
conferences - have moved online, we have all had this experience: at some
point, we simply "Zoom out", turn off our video and turn on Netflix
instead. But it doesn't have to be like this. Actually, this massive
disruption can also be a great chance for us to make all our gatherings
better - by finally acknowledging the most important factor in all of them:
the human element. Interestingly enough it is the digital world that makes
us ever more aware of our real human needs. We crave for real connection,
want to receive information in a playful and entertaining way and want to
engage with others. And all of this is possible, online as much as
offline. In this input, I want to share some of our main findings on how to
keep people engaged, interested and ever more connected in online-formats -
and by that actually become more human in the digital world.


Ever more human in the digital world or "How to make your online event more lively" (13:45 - 14:00)